It’s the New Year!

I know it is that time of the year when the paper pads are being scribbled on and the so called  resolutions are being made. I hated New Year resolutions because they always came with this aura of high hopes expected of me from the people I love and those that love me. I remember as a kid, my mum would make us write a long list of whatever we want to do and trust me before the end of January I was back to where I started  the last few days of the previous year. There was this one time I wrote on my list that I would wake up at 5 o’clock every morning to get early for school, you know they say the early bird catches the fattest worm or something, that particular year. I so struggled with waking up early. When I got to college I was technically outta my mama’s sight so I decided not to make a list. My plan that year was to be happy. Yea! I meant it, to be happy. I was happy that year but wait there were technically no rules to follow and at the end of the year I had nothing to look back to.

This New Year, I have decided to make a list oh yea a list now calm down, I am not ready to make unimaginable goals that cannot be attained or have unrealistic expectations for myself. It is simply going to consist of two main things. Things I want to start doing and things I would love to stop doing. 

The main aim of this whole thing is that I want to be better than the previous years. I want to be able to look back and see remarkable changes in my life and with my relationship with others. I am still compiling my list and would be more than glad to share it with you sometime soon but until then think of what you want to change and whatever you want to make better in this New Year.

Happy 2016!

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8 thoughts on “It’s the New Year!

  1. I really want to master the art of self discipline this year. THAT, is a goal that covers everything else I have in mind, cos they’ll all just be useless words on paper if there are no actions to back them up.


  2. Well… permit you to call you by my favorite name ‘Tijesu! Hope I’m permitted.

    For me it’s a year of consistency in all facets; set a goal, make a plan and stick to the plan. Successful people stick to routines.

    It’s also year of targets and deadlines. Daily, weekly, Monthly, and quarterly.

    I’m not promising you a fair weather. When you get serious the devil also gets serious. That’s when to determine whether you really see the end from the beginning before setting out.

    All the best

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  3. Of course you are allowed sir.
    I totally agree with you and i have also realized that its never easy when you have a set goal but God has promised to be with us all the way.
    Enjoy the process, I would love to hear about the results.
    Thank you.


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