Consciously walking with GOD!

One of the things I want to achieve this year is a smooth and consistent walk with God. I want to follow Him all the way and do just His plan for my life. Would that be easy? You bet that would be a No, yea go ahead and shake your head but wait would it be worth it, absolutely yes. You may ask me, ‘how do you know that following God completely would be worth it?’ permit me to reply you with the Psalmist’s words that says “O taste and see that the Lord is good…” (Psalms 34 v 8a). I have seen God work in miraculous ways in my life even when I was not following him completely, how much more when I give Him my all? I am no soothsayer and I absolutely do not have any idea what circumstances would come my way this year but I am certain of God being my shield and protector.  I have made a promise to myself to stay in touch with God and I have made my commitment to Him and I am sure He will always be there.

*Why not try same thing this year?*

Stay connected!

2 thoughts on “Consciously walking with GOD!

  1. Wow, wow wow. “Permit me to use the psalmit’s words; ‘Oh taste and see that the Lord is good…..'” I love that reply.
    I am ready to walk circumspectly, according to God’s will this year. Let’s roll out, Tayo!


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