I like to go with the name Owoeye Eyitayo Tijesunimi because not only is it the names my parents gave me on my naming ceremony it is also what appears on my birth certificate and all other official document that has my name on it. I have heard different variations of my name and not so great pronunciations by people that are not acquainted with my very own mother tongue, that is the Yoruba language, but since I am not allowed to get angry if you pronounce my full name wrongly you can simply call me Ta – yo!(Yeah, that’s much easier).

I am a not – so regular human being. I am never contended with the norm of just being “regular” and if there is one thing that strikes a high level of importance to me, it is the fact that I have a heart for people. I try to be a blessing even when my resources are limited.

My “becomingdiary” is an avenue for me to express my thoughtful and maybe not -so very thoughtful thoughts that are being inspired by absolutely everything that goes on around me. I live a life that is filled with numerous imperfections that I am gradually learning to leave at the feet of my very perfect Savior. If you are still wondering, I am glad to tell you without an iota of doubt that my life is largely influenced by GOD.

I welcome you to join me as I pen down my thoughts and reports as I travel through this crooked path on my quest to finally BECOME.

It would be my utmost joy if we could be friends. Email me on mybecomingdiary@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “A FACE TO THE NAME!!!

  1. Eyitayo! I’m so surprised I’ve followed your blog all this while without really getting to know it was yours. Your gravater drew me first then I saw this post. Beautiful blog you’ve got💞💖


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