Oh No!

ugly journal

As a college student on a very tight budget I try as much as possible not to spend

money on unnecessary things. When I say unnecessary things I mean things that

are not needed at that particular time and that is what makes them unnecessary.

The motto is, ‘if you can live without it at this present moment, then you do not

need it.’

This evening I went totally against that self-given rule of my life. I bought a

notebook because I ‘thought’ I needed one. One of my weird hobbies is that I love

to collect random notebooks that stand for my day to day journals. Now, I have

quite a number of notebooks that should be sufficient for the next few months even

if I decide to write every day into these journals, but in the heat of the moment

I walked into a store and purchase a random notebook. This particular notebook

isn’t fancy. Honestly, it is the ugliest in my collection of notebooks.

Truth be told, there was no pressure on me and no one was pointing the gun at me.

I just decided in that instant and I spent money I did not budget for on a notebook

that isn’t particularly needed right now. Maybe later, after I am done mourning my

$1.75, I would find a need for it. This is one of many actions I have taken that

eventually leads to me regretting. I am sulking over the money spent unnecessarily

even though it might seem minute.

There are actions that we take that might not have a lasting effect on the future,

but still goes in its own little way of affecting one’s life. My tit-bit is to never take

actions in the heat of the moment. Please think it through, actions result in

reactions that do go a long way in affecting our lives.

Let’s chat, what actions have you taken that has left you in sulking state for hours?

Until next time

Stay Becoming!


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4 thoughts on “Oh No!

  1. “My tit-bit is to never take actions in the heat of the moment.”

    Its always best to decide what you’ll do before the situation poses itself!

    What I’ve done that has left me sulking? Uhmm….none comes to mind now…


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