Ehm, am sorry I couldn’t think of a better tittle!

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I forgot, yes i did forget!  I forgot why i started to pen my thoughts and i got too busy to slow down and try to figure things out. My laptop has not crashed neither has my internet stopped working i just stopped writing. My miracle was not far fetched when i got a message saying i had to go back to what i started.



As an ambitious somebody i had no option but to go back to pouring my heart out in words. Writing to me is not about using the biggest grammar but it still remains communicating my innermost thoughts to the friends I’ve made. A thousand words cannot describe how sorry I am and I sincerely apologize for the break in transmission. Watch this space ‘coz the gal is back!

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That’s a note to self.

I would like to know what I have missed about you in the comments!


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