Caption This!!!!

If you ask me, I’ll tell you It has been a roller-coaster of a month. From getting less than enough meal time to struggling to get enough sleep life’s good right. Summer break is supposed to be a break but abeg wetin man go do? I would spare you a picture of my sleep deprived face but instead, you get to see picture (s) from my birthday album. (Yash!!!! I gallantly said adios to the teen years on the 16th of June and of course, I’m still taking them birthday gifts. Thank you in advance)



Anyways, this last week I got a wonderful scolding on top one kain small matter like that and kai my reset button snapped just like that you know (I’m sorry I can’t disclose the content of my yabbing because I know you will like to add salt to the open wound too)

That is not my real face 😦 

Come to think of it, I try to play the good girl most of the time but this time one small mistake crashed my good girl act. After my small yanga, I went back and apologized to the person I’ve misbehaved to. My apology was not to justify myself but I did it because it was the RIGHT thing to do. Thankfully, the person took my apology with open hands and ended our conversation with these infamous words “Don’t do that again!” That small incident got me thinking about how God’s treats us when we have misbehaved or maybe when we are in the process of misbehaving. How does that correlate abi?

As a becoming Christian, I have messed up too many times and I’ve been “spanked” countless times by God. And yet, God always draw me closer than ever after each chastising encounter. Of course I hear the DON’T DO IT AGAIN advice from Him every time I do something wrong. Yet, He’s indeed that ever forgiving Father that does not take into account the actions of yesterday.


“For I will forgive their wickedness    

and will remember their sins no more.”

Hebrews 8:12

I have made up my mind to never hesitate to apologize when I have messed up. I have determined in my heart to subject myself to the consequences of my misdeed that I might come forth shinning as gold! I implore you to join me!


Let’s chat in the comment section,

How has June been for you? Any recent yabbing you would like us all to laugh about?

Until next time,

Stay becoming.

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