Let’s talk MONEY

If you’re like me, you feel somewhat uncomfortable talking about money.


Honestly, I love to spend money. 

There is a kind of unexplainable joy and thrill that comes with looking around and seeing things that I purchased but, kai keeping up with the way coming in and going out of the money can be a tedious job!

My Naija people how is this dollar naira situation treating you? My fellow ogbodo oyinbos (people living oversees) whazzup with them bills na (how’s the bill thing going)? 


One thing I’ve come to realize is whether in the abroad or back in Nigeria money is a necessity. It is in fact an essential commodity.

The bitter truth is that not all of us will be as rich as Bill Gates and other notable billionaires. In my opinion, that is alright! What matters most is how frugal we are with the little dough (money) that we have to our names.  


Moving on, I would like to give you a huge disclaimer

I am not a financial expert. Instead, I am a financially struggling international student trying to learn more about this money matter before I hit that much dreaded red zone in my bank account.

In a bid to avoid hitting rock bottom I have decided to embark on a financial learning journey and I would like to invite you to join me in this learning process.


Abeg (please) if you have any “money” questions and suggestions that you would like me to discuss please leave it in the comment section and I’ll definitely answer them to the best of my understanding. 

Until next time, don’t spend! (just kidding) Spend with common sense. 


Your becoming friend,


EyiTayo 😁

5 thoughts on “Let’s talk MONEY

  1. Please what learning process? You’re leaving somebody hanging!
    Just today you won’t believe, I read that the world’s richest 9 people have wealth of the total of 50% of the total average people in the world. This is a recent statistics and in my mind I’m like, these statisticians don’t know what they are talking about. There are 60million people in Nigeria alone. The average financially ok people should be give or take 10million. That’s still a lot of wealth combined with the others in Africa let alone the entire continent.

    Anyways, the little I have, I’m trying to be wise at spending and saving. may God help us all


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