Living Frugally

​​Hello there!

How are you doing? 

In my last post here,  I talked about how I have decided to go on a financial literacy journey. Few days ago, I discovered that a dollar’s equivalent in naira had skyrocketed to 490 naira. I mean four hundred and ninety naira!!!!!!

For me, the news was heartbreaking. I lived in a state of denial for days until I was forced to instantaneously pick myself up when unending bills came knocking like uninvited guests. 

Presently, I am trusting God for MONEY. While I wait on the Lord like everybody I’ll like to share some of my survival tips. I have decided to implement these tricks before the windows of heaven open. If you’re into old school paper and biro stuff like me then it is time to add a ruler to your collection because it is time to bring those tools to use.

  • Needs vsWants: I hope you all know that year 2017 has been unofficially declared as our waking up year (by fire by force our eyes must open this year! Amen). My dear, if you’re reading this and you do not know the difference between what you really need and what you want then you need to consider it! (like make a list right now! Thank you). For the sake of definition, our needs are the things that are paramount to our existing right now while our wants are those things that we can live without for the time being. For example, school resumed last week and I was given a list of books needed for the semester. (Mehn, almost all the books on that list were sold at expensive prices. College books are not pocket friendly at all!) A couple of the books on this list are needed for my main classes. It’s like if I don’t buy these textbooks I might not pass the class. While others are books, I can always find a substitute for and still pass the class. Obviously, the important books are my needs while the not-so-paramount ones are my wants when it comes to this semester’s textbooks. (I hope my lengthy illustration helps). Consciously make a list of your needs and wants
  • Put a price on it: Whether it is a need or a want, place a price on it. Remember that list of needs and wants we already made, now put an estimated amount or the exact amount next to each itemized thing. Personally, I really want (note the word want o) a new phone and new camera lenses but then I can’t afford it but I’ll still choose to put a price next to it. I put a price next to both my needs and wants and just add up the whole thing.  Now, you can choose to do it your own way. Remember to put the important things first.
  • Be realistic:If you’re a student like me with no steady source of income I beseech you to cut your coat per your size. (Seriously!). Don’t be needing those big things you can’t afford at the moment. It’s okay to want them right now but if it’s not important then you don’t need them. And don’t be making all those money resolutions you can’t keep. For example, I am a coffee addict and as funny as it sounds it does belong on my list of needs. I literarily need coffee every day or so to pull through this cold weather. It will be unrealistic of me to totally cut off my coffee supply for the month. What I can do is to go to the store and purchase a tin of coffee grounds and make my coffee every morning instead of going through the coffee shop and buying one every morning. Realistic goals are practical goals that gets achieved efficiently
  • Pay attention: I remember vividly how careless I was when I first opened a bank account and money was not really a big deal, I would swipe my card anyhow. I paid little or no attention to how much was coming in to my bank account or how much I was being charged on the receipt (I know I was careless, of course I’m not proud of it). Paying attention to your finances helps you to keep track and youll be alert if something goes wrong with your money
  • Trust God:  Last but not the least put your total trust in God. I strongly believe that I serve a God that is not bounded by the dollar to naira situation. Remember that in Matthew 17:24-27 Jesus used the mouth of a fish as a bank while He was on earth. (That is without doubt one of my favorite miracles of Jesus). As far as I am concerned I believe that no matter how hard it gets God is going to take care of us. Why am I so confident? Because the Bible said in Psalm 37:25, “I have been young, and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous FORSAKEN, nor his seed BEGGING BREAD. (KJV). God’s got this!

    As I previously stated, I am just an international student committed to learning more on how to make the most of her pocket money. 

    How have you been surviving? Tell me about it. I’ll be thrilled to read from you

    Until next time,

    Your becoming Friend


    6 thoughts on “Living Frugally

    1. Thank you for the tips. I need to start putting price tags on both my needs and wants for they are many…and then claim them by faith, haha😅
      Great post, I’ll be making good use of the lessons.


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