Happy February guys!

I was walking through the streets of Instagram  when I stumbled on Ebukun’s post on that turned out to be a stocktaking something. If you know me well enough, you’ll know that stocktaking scares me. Anyways, I decided to put my fears at bay and do a January stocktaking. I hope you enjoy it!


Making: desperately an effort in putting my academic life in order

Cooking/ Eating: No thanks to college, I have not been able to cook for a while. But, I am making an effort to eat lots and lots of salads. But every once in a while I indulge myself in those junk food. By the way, OREOS are the best!

Drinking: lots and lot of coffee (sometimes pitch black, sometime with a tad bit of cream and sugar). I drink coffee much more than I drink water. Blame me not, I have to stay alert in college right.

Reading: five minutes by Karen Kingsbury. I can’t wait to be done so I can channel my undivided attention to my school books.

Wanting: a violin, a new set of zoom lens

Interested:  in building a community of young Christians passionate about living for Jesus and touching lives eternity.

Deciding: whether to braid my natural hair and throw on a wig or just let the afro keep fro-ing

Wishing: I could wish away all these economic wahala (problems)

Enjoying: the undiluted Grace of God

Waiting: on summer like… I know the semester is just a few weeks old but I am so read for the holidays to begin (I do love school but I love the holidays more!)

Liking: The fact that I got a few extra hours of sleep this morning

Wondering: If I could get an extra Saturday before Sunday (A girl is allowed to dream!)

Loving: Travis Greene’s He made a way. The song always reminds me of my God that moves mountains!

Excited: About 2017. My life is God’s show and I’m excited to see what He planned out for me this year

Pondering: on how I can create a community for young Christian bloggers.

Considering: having an online Bible Study session.

Watching: The wedding party! I finally saw that movie o. Reminds me of the never-ending stress of a Nigerian wedding.

Hoping: That this naira to dollar rate/ situation will get better. (especially for the sake of international students)

Cringing: at how there seems to be absolutely no difference between Christians and unbelievers.

Questioning: why people will look at the wonderful works of creation and still think there is no God!

Following: A lot of writers/ bloggers on IG. I enjoy reading what other writers have to say and getting to know more people.

Unfollowing: People that seem to live a life different from what they preach. (it is pretty simple that you can’t be in love with the world and still claim to love Jesus)

Noticing: looking good is good business.

Knowing: That the journey of life is not a rosy one. The bumps in the roads gets bigger the older you get (I guess). It is your responsibility to carefully chose who you want by your side in the bumpy journey of life

Marveling: at the concept of Salvation. Titus 2:11

Admiring: Everyone that has taken a stand for the cause of Christ

Sorting: out my schedule for next week. Nursing school won’t stop throwing quizzes and tests at me.

Getting: to understand that not all that call themselves Christians are truly chasing after Christ

Bookmarking: every resourceful nursing website that I can find. (in the kind of economy, failing nursing school is a NO NO)

Coveting: Absolutely Nothing

Disliking: the fact that I need to start running (again)

Starving: Every form of negativity around me

Feeling: Content

Hearing: My former teacher as she says my name wrong (again). No worries, It happens all the time!


Thanks for reading! And yea, there goes my stress relief for the day. Now it’s time to go back to the books.

I’ll love to hear from you.

Until next time,

stay becoming


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