Going Back!

To the struggling Christian,

You are not alone.

They say the further you go the better it becomes but so far, you’re yet to see the “better” everyone seems to be talking about.

You have gotten caught up in the “busyness” that living life brings and daily as you consciously and mentally make that to-do list somehow your time with God has gotten minimal and pushed to the not so important section of the list.

Of course, you’re not a heathen. You’re just gradually sliding back in your relationship with God. Unconsciously losing focus of the awe of the One True God.


You are struggling!

You’d ask, how do I know all these things?

Because I am at that point right now. I have been there and somehow I am back!

See, I am tired of living under the symbol of Christianity. Tired of speaking the vocabulary of the people of God but not living in the reality of a relationship with the Father.

The facade is exhausting and I must confess I am losing my strength.

I have come to understand that if it seems like we’ve lost sight of God then it is because we have drifted away from Him. He is always there.

Friends, God never takes his eyes away from us. Like the Father of the prodigal son, I believe God is waiting, patiently looking ahead, anticipating our return back home.

I am ready to go back to Jesus

Are you?


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