So Far So Good.

Hello friends, 

Happy July!!!! 

Just like that 2017 is halfway gone. Summer, my favorite season of the year is here and that simply thrills my soul. Theres something about summer that makes me glow (Maybe not!). I hope you can tell that I am pretty excited!

excited much??

Anyway, five months later and I am back with another stocktaking post.

Aint God GOOD!!!!!

Honestly, slacking on this post is lowkey intentional because vulnerability is definitely not my strong point. I guess I have to learn to get used to it!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Making an effort to do more things that will make me forget my gadgets. Living life outside the pressure of the digital world. We will see how that goes

Drinking more hot coffee despite the hot weather 

Reading: Chasing God by Angie Smith.

Interested in learning this flat lay concept. It looks really cool

Deciding  on whether to take a nap this afternoon or run. Tough choices!

Regretting: The fact that the summer body refused to come through this summer. Listen, junk eating definitely has consequences! 

Wishing that the humidity will at least chill a little this summer. Haba!

Determined to be more determined with some life issues. Being determined is key!

Excited about this summer. Break from classes makes life exciting.

Anticipating next semester. School need to come quickly so I can finish college sharply

Loving: my new creative Bible. It was gifted to me sometimes in May and Ive loved it ever since!


Listening to broken hallelujah by Mandisa. The subtle reminder that even when I do not know what Gods plan is I am sure He makes beauty out of ashes!

Wearing: lots and lots of casual outfit. Youll think summer will help my fashion sense. Nah….

Knowing that through it all God loves me. Regardless of my past sins! Unconditional Love is what He’s got for His children

Your turn, What have you been up to lately? Looking forward to reading all about it

Until next time,

Stay Becoming 

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