Life Lately || Stock-Taking

Hello Friends,

Happy Augusttttttt

Happy AUGUST.png

Contrary to my thoughts, July flew so fast that it seems like August is following suit too. Kind of difficult to believe it is the 6th of August already.

Without further ado, let’s get to the stocktaking business of the day.

Taking into consideration that my summer break is almost over. School is almost here and this gal needs to start preparing for the school year ahead

Finding it hard to stay motivated. (How do you stay motivated?) 

Learning how to live life outside the squares of a screen. (Told y’all I am serious a

Fascinated by how creative people can be. Instagram is definitely the hub for creative people (Follow me on IG)

Enjoying the last of my summer holidays soaking in the sun a little at a time.

Reading kisses from Katie. That book is a gem!

Drinking more and more water.

Feeling less creative. Ideas flying in my head but they feel weird on paper.

Listening Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells. It reminds me that No matter what I have, God’s grace is enough; No matter where I am, I’m standing in God’s love because the God of the hills is definitely the God of the valley.

Marvelling how good God is even when I do things contrary to His will for my life.

Wishing: That the twists out on my natural hair would at least come out nice this time.

Hoping that August would slow down a little so I can enjoy the rest of my holiday

Wearing: more casual outfits

Noticing: That I took running seriously in July. Made more trips to the treadmill that I had in the previous months.

Knowing: That I serve a God who understands how I feel (Hebrews 4:15)

Thinking: about tomorrow’s breakfast. (I am almost always hungry)

Wondering how life seems short no matter how long one seems to live (#LifeisindeedShort)

Stalking: A lot of bloggers on IG. Seeing other people’s creativity helps me appreciate people much more.
Grateful that God has placed people in my life who have proved to be true friends.

 So friends, how was July? 

Are you as excited as I am for August? 

Until next time, 

Stay becoming. 

2 thoughts on “Life Lately || Stock-Taking

  1. Lovely read. I enjoy the concept of stock taking.
    Hope August slowed down for you and you enjoyed your holiday.
    This is a reminder of a life lately post I’ve been procrastinating on.


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