Dilemmas (sometimes) Faced ||Musings of an International Student

Before you proceed: So, this post sat in my drafts folder collecting dust like no man’s business. I thought about discarding it countless times but then each time I could not bear to hit the trash button. What you are about to read might be a tad bit different from what you’ve always seen here and I hope you enjoy it.


If we were having coffee, I will tell you straight away of how tired I am of being asked some questions or how some people just prefer to assume pieces of stuff. Honestly, for the most part, these questions are not ridiculous they are just questions that get asked over and over that I am tired of listening to the music of the questions in my ears. I was taught to listen regardless because I realize that most people ask these questions out of love but when the love that is being shown becomes overbearing then it becomes annoying.  I love you too but haba let me breathe.



Yes you!


Back story, I left home a few years back in pursuit of my education. It took me a while to find my feet like almost every international person that I know. Quite a number of people felt like as soon as I left home a switch flickered that just you know turned things three hundred and sixty but then instead of understanding and asking straight questions, people made assumptions and you know what follows it!


You must be balling o.

Seriously!!!! To the best of my understanding, if you are balling then you are making plenty money or better still people think that you have this humongous amount of money stashed in a bank account somewhere. Honestly, most international students like me still spend naira earned by parents who just want the best for their children (FYI the crazy exchange rate affects me too). So no I am not balling at least not yet. Don’t worry very soon we will all “blow” together.

So no I am not balling at least not yet. Don’t worry very soon we will all “blow” together.

I am sure you can’t speak Yoruba anymore:

Haba. Tell me, how you expect me to forget my mother tongue just like that? I spoke this language for more than a decade and it is genuinely funny how people expect me to loose the tongue overnight. Nah, it doesn’t work that way abeg.

For the wondering souls, I speak Yoruba fluently and lengthy Yoruba conversations thrill my soul. Ese (Thank you)   

So how do you cope without Nigerian foods ehn.

Okay, this particular one gets me all the time. As an unapologetic foodie, this kind of assumption makes me extremely unhappy. Sometimes, I understand why people say this because it is quite difficult to comprehend the fact that African stores are scattered overseas. I found it hard to believe it too until I stepped into an international store. I am sure I had a food coma that day!

The thing is if you are fortunate enough to live in an area where the population is densely filled with Africans then mehn you are living the life. As for me, every now and then I get my own share of correct “Naija” foods. Are they the same as the ones mama made at home? Lai lai (never) but then my taste buds are thankful so thank you ehn I still get my Naija delicacies.

So when are you coming home? 

This one is a NO NO for me. Kilode now!!! The thing is I will come home whenever I come home. Afterall, Nigeria is the land of my fathers and I am very interested in my fatherland.

At the moment, I am focused on the task in front of me and that is getting this college thing down and your constant nagging about when I will land at Murtala Mohammed airport ain’t helping at all.

You can only imagine how I miss Naija but no worries ehn reunion time is just around the corner. Until then, do me a favor and deter from asking me for my return date.

My list continues…

Am I speaking for all international students? Of course not. But when  I spoke to a couple of my friends I realized they were going through pretty much the same ordeal so to speak.

The questions are definitely not the same but somehow the questions seem never ending. 

Is this post relatable? Do you have similar stories?  Am I being dramatic?

Let me know in the comments section before you leave!


7 thoughts on “Dilemmas (sometimes) Faced ||Musings of an International Student

  1. This got me laughing and your responses were just apt!
    I think everyone faces their fair share of people assuming things about them or their present status.
    For me, one common one is the belief people have that I’m swimming in money. Biko I claim it.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Man.😐

    So this is how it feels to be on the receiving end of such questions?

    Chai, I repent from asking them today (whether I’m one of them or not)!

    Biko, pardon dem, they know not wetin e be like!😂

    And you’re not being dramatic—it’s us who are doing drama with our silly questions!😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thicker skin, a wonderful improvement—you know you always had the tendency for it, ba? 😁

    I am getting better and better my dear, thank you. A lot of gist that can’t be had here, lol.


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