Oh College

Hello Friends,

How are you doing?

Right now I am extremely overwhelmed. School started a few weeks back and I must say college life has been like a rollercoaster ride. I am far from being settled in and at the same time, trying so hard not to fall behind in the “responsibility” department.

You know, I assumed that after five semesters I will be used to the nerve- wrecking feeling that accompanies the beginning of a new semester. Oh boy, I think I lied to myself because here I am already exhausted and in dire need of a break.



Literal representation of what I actually want 🙂 


As tired as I am, I still find myself getting ready early in the morning, sitting in that class and writing as fast as I can so that I can gather enough information needed to succeed in my chosen career. Like every normal college student (hopefully, I am not the different one)  I find myself in need of reassurance and motivation to keep keeping on at this stage of my life.

See, I am a “write – it – down – on – a – sticky – note – put – it – where – you – can -see – it – every- morning” kind of girl. It is a habit that costs me a few cents but then every time I catch a glimpse of the sticky notes, I am reminded of the information that I put on it at that particular time. This time, I am putting up encouraging Bible verses on my sticky notes.

Honestly, I am uncertain of what this semester is going to bring, in fact, I have heard people tell me that it is going to be tough. Am I prepared for that? Maybe Maybe not. I’ll never know until I dive into it. But, I am sure that God’s promises would never fail me.

Tayo Sunday picture_1

It is not just about writing them down and staring at the words as I try to wake up at the wee hours of the morning. Instead, it is about constantly meditating on these promises from a loving Father (God) to me. The promises I am quite confident will pull me through this semester

You’d ask me how I sound so sure.

It is because I have gone through a school year just trying so hard to get things done my way constantly refusing to accept the help that God has for me and oh boy it was the worst semester of my college career.

Tell me,

How do you stay motivated in a tiring stage of life?

Until next time,

Stay Becoming



2 thoughts on “Oh College

  1. You mentioned my way (and what I consider the best way) – Scriptures. Holding and praying out these scriptures can be therapy for me. And a times, a perfect song for the moment shows and its on a continuous replay in my ears and lips. Thank you for sharing dear.


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