Never Alone.

If someone had told me that it will take me this long to get back to the blog I would have totally denied it. Ok, maybe not totally denied it but I’ll say it to their face that “No, I will be back before you’d even realize that I was gone”
Guess I was wrong.
What has been going on?
College, pretty much just college.
The papers seem unending, the projects seem tiring, not to mention the weekly tests and quizzes. But you know what?
I truly love what I do and sometimes let’s just say most times, that is where I get my satisfaction from.
More often than necessary in the past 10 weeks of this semester which is pretty much most of the semester I have doubted myself.
You doubted yourself? So what is the big deal?
Right, that’s what I thought too.
However, recently I have come to realize that doubting myself and worrying so much about everything is my way of looking God in the face and saying, “Hey, I don’t TRUST you enough.” And that, my friend, is a bad attitude and in my opinion, a SIN!
It is a way of allowing myself to just sit and have a hopeless pity party that is not in line with what God has planned has planned for me.
You know what God has taught me though and how?
I want to be just like you..png
He used a verse in the Bible that I have read a dozen times to bring me comfort. A verse that I thought I had explored all it’s Rhema  (Ain’t God good?!)
Matthew 1:23
“Behold, a virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, GOD WITH US.”
Of course, I checked my calendar and I know Christmas isn’t here yet but the reminder that God is with me is a handy one when I begin to doubt my abilities and capabilities.
It is amazing how often I forget that the God of the universe is with me. I am weak and strengthless but my Savior is strong and mighty to save.
You know it is hard to put into words how this simple assurance makes me feel.
Saying I feel on top of the world is an epic understatement.
My dear, when next you feel like you are alone, weak, or you just cannot perform that task, remember who is with you!
The best part is that He does not go back on His word. Faithful is what He is!
I do enjoy connecting with you guys here 🙂
Until next time,
Stay becoming.


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