Staying Unproductive

Classes began today! I started my day with an 8am class! I must say it was quite an experience considering the fact that I thought I was done with early morning classes.

Genuinely, part of me seems excited because the beginning of every semester means that my journey in this college “travail” is slowly coming to an end but then a part of me wants to keep living the “holiday” lifestyle.

holiday blues

Anyways, I am not here to bore you with the how-tos on having a productive semester instead I will be laying down for you just a few tips on how to stay and remain unproductive in college. Let’s get started

  1. Stay on your phone:
    1. communication is key and for millennial like myself, technology is the best thing that has ever happened to us (May  I get an Amen?!). Constantly staring at your phone and tapping those keys will sure keep you unproductive. But not to worry you will definitely stay connected to your virtual friends (you might end up not having real friends but who cares)
  2. Wake up late:
    1. all those folks that told you that the goal of staying productive is to have a consistent early wake-up time. How about you ditch that alarm clock and get some extra sleep (maybe a little more; about 10 hours will be nice Don’t you think?
  3. Do not leave your bed 
    1. I repeat do not leave your bed! How do you expect someone to leave their (hopefully) cozy bed and diligently go about their daily duties? You tell me, which is better staying in that warm bed or battling the horrendous cold outside?
  4. Binge watch movies
    1. Tell me, who does not love a movie marathon? I do! Much more than I wish to admit and if I plan to stay unproductive then binge-watching movies and tv- shows is my best bet. A girl has got to stay on top of them TV shows you know *wink
  5. Participate in other unproductive activities 
    1. You know, all those things that you love to do but have little or no value. Yes! You know what I am talking about

For now, these are the only tips I can think of off the top of my head.

Disclaimer: Hopefully you understand that all the tips given above are to humor you. Most importantly, if you are by any chance indulging in those practices then REPENT! This is a new season to not stay UNPRODUCTIVE

Tell me, how do you stay unproductive?


4 thoughts on “Staying Unproductive

  1. Great and helpful post!. . .well for me, rescheduling and procrastinating can be a way I stay unproductive. I be like ‘lemme just see this movie today, I can actually do that tomorrow; there’s still time and before you know it, it can end up a pattern or do that thing in a rush!’❤

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    1. Hahaha, I can totally relate. I binge watch TV shows and oh boy those funny YouTube videos are endless. May God help us to stay productive. Thank you for stopping by


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