Life Lately || July ’18

With six months in our rear view and the opportunity to take on yet another half of the year 2018. I am extremely thankful for the joys, lessons, and memories 2018 has brought my way so far. Here is my random way of sharing bits from my life.



Taking life easy. (I cannot kee myelf abeg)

Finding it hard to say no to food. Summer body is not loading around here  

Learning how to actually enjoy the little things in life.

Fascinated by how inconsiderate people can be.

Enjoying my spontaneous schedule.

Drinking more and more water.

Feeling less creative. Blame it on my laziness

Listening to Clear the Stage by Jimmy Needham. Worshipping God is truly a lifestyle!

Marveling at how time truly flies whether you’re having fun or not.

Wishing that my account balance would allow me “shine” this summer

Hoping that I would commit this blogging thing to heart as promised.

Wearing more comfy outfits. Comfort is a fashion style!

Noticing that I have lost sight of my financial goals. Summer has a way of draining my coins.

Knowing that limited communication has no barrier to true friendship. Don’t misunderstand me, friendship thrives on communication but there is a kind of beauty that comes from a friendship that picks up right where you left it. Do you feel me?

Thinking: about the summer body I promised myself (E no easy)


Wondering how amazing the love of God is. #BoundlessLove

Stalking: A lot of photographers on IG. Instagram is fast becoming my addiction. IG detox coming up soon

Grateful for the little victories of life.

So friends, how was the first six months of 2018?

How ready are you for the rest of the year?

Until next time,

Stay becoming.

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