To Twenty and Three!

Twenty – three

Twenty – three

Phew?! Who would have thunk it?! Looking back 354 days, I realized that 23 for me sure was a year of growth. As uncomfortable as the pruning was I would not trade the experiences for anything in the world.

I would never forget you.

How you taught me to be strong, to live life graciously, applaud the little wins and dance till my heart rate is in the one fifties. Somehow I survived!

Here’s the things I’d love to do.

This year, I’d love to hug myself.

23 was a rollercoaster. Somehow, I forgot to hug myself everytime the ride stilled for a split second. The ride sure was thrilling but somehow I forgot to remind myself of how much warmth the weight of my hug could carry. So dear, here’s a warm hug just for you.

This year, I’d love to cheer myself up.

23 came with outstanding accomplishments. With each milestone came a different kind of bump in the road. Somehow, I forgot to clap for myself on days when the whole world seems to have an ovation for me as I finally passed my licensing exam to practice as a registered nurse. Instead of listening to the fanfare of the ovation I chose the listen to the rhythm of self-doubts that played from my heart. So dear, here is a resounding brouhaha just for you.

This year, I’d love to applaud my strength.

23 showed how weak I truly am; yet how to find strength in my weakness. On days when I thought I had it in me yet my power failed me literally allowing me to soar on the wings of the eagle provided by my ABBA. Oh, you reminded me that I had the strength I need for every step of the way. So dear, here is a round of applause for vehemence.

This year, I’d love to see the beauty in the mundane.

23 taught me how the breathtaking view of the hill can still be as beautiful as the gorgeousness of the greenery of the valley. The journey sure is filled with ups and down. Somedays, the swing from the apex of the mountain to the lows of the valley is so swift yet rewarding because regardless there is a beauty for every stage. So dear, here is to seeing how pleasing every phase of life can be.

To whatever the journey brings your way because I have no doubt that with Abba’s help you are good for it.

You, Eyitayo, are up to the task of 24!

Twenty and Four


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