Life Lately || July ’18

With six months in our rear view and the opportunity to take on yet another half of the year 2018. I am extremely thankful for the joys, lessons, and memories 2018 has brought my way so far. Here is my random way of sharing bits from my life. Leggo Taking life easy. (I cannot kee myelf [...]

Dilemmas (sometimes) Faced ||Musings of an International Student

Dilemmas (sometimes) Faced ||Musings of an International Student

Before you proceed: So, this post sat in my drafts folder collecting dust like no man's business. I thought about discarding it countless times but then each time I could not bear to hit the trash button. What you are about to read might be a tad bit different from what you've always seen here [...]

Adult – ING

One of my favorite pastimes during this very hot and crazy humid summer is to sit in a darkly lit corner of the room and just let myself stray into a special type of deep thinking that just revolves around asking myself a series of questions. Trust me if you listened to me while in [...]