Thank You

Sometimes, I take a lot of things for granted But today, I refuse to be ungrateful I choose to make this about you. Yes, You! Thank you for sticking with me Through the inconsistencies and all All I am here to say is Thank you.  

Dilemmas (sometimes) Faced ||Musings of an International Student

Dilemmas (sometimes) Faced ||Musings of an International Student

Before you proceed: So, this post sat in my drafts folder collecting dust like no man's business. I thought about discarding it countless times but then each time I could not bear to hit the trash button. What you are about to read might be a tad bit different from what you've always seen here [...]


Hello, Happy February guys! I was walking through the streets of Instagram  when I stumbled on Ebukun’s post on that turned out to be a stocktaking something. If you know me well enough, you’ll know that stocktaking scares me. Anyways, I decided to put my fears at bay and do a January stocktaking. I hope [...]


Ehm, am sorry I couldn't think of a better tittle!     I forgot, yes i did forget!  I forgot why i started to pen my thoughts and i got too busy to slow down and try to figure things out. My laptop has not crashed neither has my internet stopped working i just stopped [...]