Dear Christian…

Friend,  See, it is really easy to sit on the fence when it comes to the things of the Lord.  It seems absolutely convinient to say we LOVE GOD and still go do things our own way.  But the fact is IT DOES NOT WORK that way!  If you love God like you profess then [...]

Cast Your Cares

Cast Your Cares

This morning, I slept through my alarm. Honestly, I didn’t even hear a beep! To make matters worse, I was late for an appointment. Oh, I need not forget to add that I couldn’t get breakfast and No I did not get to drink my morning coffee! Truth be told, I didn’t get to bed [...]

Hiatus Over!

Hello there, Yeah yeah I know it’s been more than a minute I am SORRY!!! I missed you too I hope you missed me! What happened? I could give a number of reasons but trust me they would all sound like excuses at least that’s what they all sound like to me as those reasons [...]

Living Frugally

​​Hello there! How are you doing?  In my last post here,  I talked about how I have decided to go on a financial literacy journey. Few days ago, I discovered that a dollar's equivalent in naira had skyrocketed to 490 naira. I mean four hundred and ninety naira!!!!!! For me, the news was heartbreaking. I lived [...]

ghost mode DE – activated

Holla, I am EyiTayo, A believer in the One true God. An introverted extrovert. A college student that loves to read anything and everything except for her school books. An ardent lover of black coffee. A photo enthusiast. ( I definitly enjoy being infront and behind the camera) A blogger that forgets to blog. An unapologetic [...]